How To Create a Strategy to Connect with Your Audience, Create Compelling Content, and FINALLY See the ROI From Your Marketing Investment Online and via Social Platforms


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Not in Nashville? We got ya covered! We will be streaming the class via Zoom! Seating Is Limited!  

Are you frustrated with all of the Digital Marketing options out there these days? Or all of the changes with Facebook and the other social platforms? Not sure where to start? I know EXACTLY how you feel. That is until I learned what was going to work for me and my audience, where I could add the most value, and help other companies grow with the right strategies.  

Angela Proffitt, Event & Productivity Consultant

BY PERSONAL INVITATION ONLY SPACE IS LIMITED* You are invited to join Productivity GURU, Angela Proffitt as she shares her exact strategies that have been used in her companies to build a strong and solid community of clients-imagine your perfect target market! A few topics covered will be: Marketing Goals, Implementation, Content Strategy, Social Media Focus, Communication Plan, Work Flow Process, Automation, Sales Funnels, and SO much MORE!  

" The marketing trends to elevate your customer service and experience will absolutely BLOW your mind! Chat Bots, OTT, Geofencing, Retargeting, VR & Gravity Network to name a few. You will leave being armed with the newest tools to communicate your value to your target audience worldwide " -XO, Angela Proffitt

INDUSTRIES SERVED Public Relations . Creative Markets . Wedding Professionals . Event Professionals . Healthcare . Sales . Beauty and more! This workshop can pertain to any industry that needs a social presence online to grow business.  

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