Angela Proffitt is a Celebrity Event Planner, Entrepreneur and Productivity Coach with over 16 years of experience within the Events Industry. As the industry's leading creative disruptor, she has become a trusted resource and ally because of her commitment to exceeding the expectations of her clients and her passion for educating professionals. Her mantra "you don't know, what you don't know," fuels her books, online classes, live events, and consulting. This has allowed her to help over 1000 of wedding & event clients, and hundreds of small businesses achieve success, grow steadily and "wow" consistently. Angela is a connector and builds the perfect team to help you execute exacty what you need and when you need it. She is a graduate of UT Knoxville with her background being in Psychology. She has been voted "Best Event Planner," by Nashville Scene, highlighted as having the "Best Business Practices" by Success Magazine, appeared on ABC Family in the “Job or No Job” series and TLC’s “Extreme I Do’s" to name a few. Her extensive list of clientele have included: American Idol's Kellie Pickler, Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, country mega star Jason Aldean, and Eddie George (former TN Titans player) to name a few. She currently serves as Member Experience Chair for the Entrepreneur's Organization; a global business network for entrepreneurs. She is referred as the Productivity Guru or the APP Queen among family and friends. Angela delivers tools that enable entrepreneurs and event professionals to best serve their clients and believes that everyone has the ability to change the world; all they have to do is plan for it! 



CHOOSE JUST THE SERVICES YOU NEED, OR BUILD AN ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE Don't know what you need? That is ok! And Normal! Let us help you today! 

VENUE Consulting 

Do you need support on selling the space to your target market? Coming up with a menu of services? Website language to pre-qualify your clients? Contracts and insurance to ensure your space is run properly should something happen?

TRAINING Team Members 

Does your whole team need training? Let us come to your office and lead a workshop designed just for your business model. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team so they are always shining. It's all about the psychology. 

DESIGN Consulting 

Design your space to speak to your target audience and ensure you meet your booking goals. From branding to decor, lighting and colors, we can help you build a revenue stream or set you up with the right partners for all of this. Colors and space matters. 


Coming up with consistent content can be challenging. We can help you focus on what you are wanting to say to your audience via social media, sales funnels, how often, set up analytics, and much more. If you want the largest ROI, we got you! 


Do you need a complete strategy outlined for success? From online contracts, to policies & procedures, we have you covered. Building a paperless company can be one of the best things you can ever do.


Our comprehensive budget planning services help you allocate your funds more clearly and effectively. We ensure you are partnering with the right vendors and brands to support you and your company. ROI is going to be your BFF!

BRANDING Storytelling 

When you need to make a case for your business, we'll help you tell your story powerfully and persuasively. Consistent messaging is key when it comes to buildig a brand. With leading processes you are set up to succeed.  


Need help with creating videos, scripts and copy to talk to your target audience? Tell your story that will capture the attention of your market. By using OTT & Google Ad Words you have all the power to target exactly who you want. 


YOU'RE IN! So you own a building, a space or a nice property. Now, what? You’ve bought the place, and I can guarantee you several things. You have an eye for potential, you’ve done your research, and you’ve made a large investment. I can also guarantee, that if you’re looking to turn your venue into a into an eye-catching luxury event space that warrants all the “ooo’s and aaa’s,” well, I provide the best.  

With over 16 years of experience within the wedding and events industry, those little touches here and there, those things that no one ever thinks to remember, I do. Thinking through all of the design aspects, team coaching, operations, the flow of traffic, even right down to the type of lightbulb and best lighting to maximize the atmosphere, I nail it - quite literally.  

Being a venue owner can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Turning your investment and growing your bottom line with a process that is personalized just for you, is where I thrive.  


STAY PRODUCTIVE! Welcome to your “how to roadmap” in preparing your team for success. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the wedding & events industry, communication is absolutely key. This extends well beyond the “just be nice” strategy and takes a deep dive into delivering the right communication, to the right client at the right time. I deliver tested methodologies that are inherently unique and personalized for your team.  

We all have strengths, and understanding the value of others, cutting through the noise and leveraging these strengths can be challenging. Pep talks are good, but they’re not great and they’re short term. Wouldn’t it be great if your team could anticipate the needs of your ideal client? Myth buster alert - this is not magic, not even a secret, and I promise to share it with you.  

As a True Colors Certified Facilitator and Productivity Expert, I’ve worked with a wide range of clientele and have streamlined processes, that “wow” everytime. I’ll walk your team exactly through this tested and proven methodology that is guaranteed to yield a higher conversion and a larger return on your investment.  


Becoming “THE” sought after destination? It’s no secret that the travel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. In fact, over one trillion dollars are spent yearly and worldwide within the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. Between leisure and business travel - it’s no wonder - the industry continues to grow at a steady rate.  

Even more enticing, is the fact that there are luxury destinations that are working to accommodate and create experiences for all of the travelers. So, how will your brand stand out? Market research is just the beginning.  

Honing in on your ideal client, working with your respective team, bridging communication gaps, experiential learning, and branding strategies will make your brand the most sought after destination.  


I see you, you’re amazing...now let’s rock this business world together! If you find yourself somewhere between, “what did I just do,” and “what do I do now,” you’re in the right place. Cheers to taking the first step in owning your own business, or re-branding a new one (what we call a facelift). 

Where do I start? Next to google, I get this question everyday from business owners like yourself. One of the biggest frustrations I see from new business owners is not being able to find the resources that are needed. It’s been said that Google has all of the answers, shouldn’t they have this one too?  

I’ll spare you the countless hours you’ll spend researching “how to start / run / operate a successful business.” Spoiler alert, google does not have your personalized roadmap to business success - I do. From start to profit, I’ll deliver personalized business strategies that will grow your bottom line and wow your clients consistently.  



"We were a new event venue in town, totally new to all of this and did not know what to expect. We had a few challenges on how we should handle business, price our services, how to grow the business, social media set up and strategy and how to have a productive work flow. We were totally lost until we reached out to Angela and her team. They totally guided us on exactly what we needed to do. She shared so much eduation with our team. We were a skelaton crew and she taught us to be very effective and productive while being profitable. She helped us identify the gaps and holes we needed to fill and helped us fill them. The blind spots that she has saved us on has been priceless. Understanding personalities and our perfec client has been key to our growth. We continue to see more success since alighning our busines with her practices. It really is a one stop shop. She is very honest. We have gained so much from consulting with her and her team as challenges come up."

-Daniel Spires, The Estate at Cherokee Dock 

"I spent a three days straight consulting with Angela. I traveled down to Nashville after I heard her speak at The Special Event conference in California. It was a great three days to help me what I needed to identify to move forward in taking my company the direction I wanted to go. I had a lot of questions, and felt like I was stuck and could not think clearly. Angela hared so many experiences with me and is very knowledgeable and knew exactly where I was in the stage is my business. She made some recommendations, which it really made me do some soul-searching and some digging to ask myself some key important question. Not only to answer what I wanted but to make sure my next steps were the correct steps. Once I decided where my brand was going, she facilitaed and directed entire brand facelift with my website, photos, videos, colors, and more. Her production team helped me so much and she was awesome in directing the script t ensure I was using key words to draw in the right clients. If you have any questions about your business, taking it to the next level I think this would be a phenomenal consultant for you. I have done a lot of training with others and I feel like Angela was really a good fit for me. It did me a lot of good in my business and I've been doing exciting projects now that I actually love. I strongly recommend her and her team."

-Reima Albourarabi, Elan Events

"I am SO happy I coached with Angela; it has changed the way I run my business. I went paperless at the beginning of this year (kicking and screaming) and it was amazing. It is SOOOO worth it! Learning from Angela and her team was so much fun. While it was alot of work, they made it so easy to understand and implement. Her workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended and I have attended hundreds over the years. Aftering attending the workshop and seeing before my own eyes how I can make simple process changes, I had to hire her. I also learned that she can help any business that is looking for team trainging, sales training, branding and website refresh and re. For me, learning a more efficient way of how I was doing things was the most valuable. I didn't know what I didn't know. Angela and her team were so honest and so giving in telling me how it is and what I needed to do. I just had to be told that by taking the time I needed to help me turn by business around. I have never looked back." 

-Annette Naif, Naif Productions

connect@angelaproffitt.com - 888.936.4212