8 Pro Tips for Planning Your DIY Wedding

Plan your special day with 8 PRO tips that will save you time and stress. From planning to delivery, these pro tips provide a roadmap to ensure that your special day is extraodinary. 

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Planning a DIY wedding?  


The Eight Key Seeds to Grow









What You Get...Priceless Templates & Videos

Now that we have identified the top 8 seeds, which may sound a little cheesey; but think about it. When you plant a seed, you must nurture it, care for it, water it in order for it to grow. Planning a wedding and starting your life with someone else is much like a seed. Yes, situations can get stressful, but it is all in how you handle the situation and react. This guide helps with just that...Stress FREE info that can keep you, your friends and your family sane during this wedding planning process! 

Cloud based Templates:  

Guest list, RSVP tracking, etc. Budget template for major needs Month by Month Checklist Vendor Rentals Needs Seating Chart Template Timeline Template  

MUST Know Tips on Video:  

How to choose your venue Indoor vs. Outdoor Hotel Room Blocks Why have a wedding website Smart money vs. Stupid Money Design Tips with Floorplan books Logistics: Transportation and Valet 

Videos on Questions to ask Vendors: 

Catering Choics Alcohol (Open bar vs. Cash bar) Seating Chart (Escort vs. Placecards) DJ/Band/MC Photographer & Videographer Stationary needs Design Ideas & Rentals  

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Bonus Guides Just for YOU! 

Inspiration Resource Guides; Valued Over $99 Gems Unveiled Communication Guide AND Floorplan Design Ideas (Vol 1, 2, & 3) 

About Your Expert

I’ve worked with the best in the wedding industry for close to 20 years and perfected a system that brings me celebrities and affluent couples like clockwork. But working up to this certainly did not come easy. I had to go through some really tough lessons. If someone had just offered me some tips or a guide, I would be SO much further ahead today. I don't have any regrets, but time is so precious. So why not fast track you your wedding planning process as I will share with you so many things I have learned over the years and what NOT to do! I want to share with you exactly what you need to know to plan your own successful wedding! 

As a celebrity wedding planner, for nearly two decades, I’ve been so blessed to have the opporutnity to work with some pretty big names. American Idol’s Kellie Pickler. The Black Keys, Patrick Carney. Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott. NFL Player and Tennessee Titan, Eddie George. Country Mega-star, Jason Aldean (to name a few-I am NOT a name dropper!). Plus, I’ve been featured in publications like US Weekly, People, and Success. I was named one of the 25 top Event Pros to watch under 40 by Special Events Magazine. My events have even been on television’s TLC, ABC Family, WEtv and Pickler & Ben.  

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"Angela ranks at the very top of the brightest, most passionate & creative professionals in our industry. Her programs, videos, templates and workshops have changed how I interact with people in both my personal and professional life and quite literally, she has changed the way I do everything. Her passion and enthusiasm is nothing short of infectious and her deep professional expertise shows. She is knowledgeable, funny, engaging and easy to learn from and delivers her information in an inspiring and entertaining manner." -Kayla

Amazing advice & guidance!

"Angela, I want to inform you that we have voted you the Best and Greatest Wedding Educator nationwide! Seriously, we cannot adequately express our sincere appreciation for your in depth planning knowledge and all that you shared with us to guide us to create the wedding that I always dreamed of having. When I told my mom it was the wedding day I dreamed it would be and more, she thought that was an astonishing achievement! You made it possible! Thank you! We have received so many comments and compliments on the entire day and wanted to share this because it's thanks to you and your videos and templates. You are the best!" -Jessica 

You Have Your Partner and Ring! Now, You Need the Perfect Plan? Right? 

I am going to share all my strategies and secrets with you! No holding back! Here is the scoop; If you are planning a wedding, this is for YOU! I will not only give you the tools you need to know before planning a wedding, but will give you a complete road map of behind the scenes tips on how to make it all happen, which is a powerful combination! This is what you'll get:

Make the BEST decisions while planning your wedding . Create a Communication Plan to interact with family members . Identify your priorities to maximize your budget . Overcome expectations of what you think you need and what you really need . Choose a venue and hire the right team . Get all of your questions answered by a top industry expert and SOOO much more!  

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