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Present your brand the way that
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Create a vision for yourself that
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Take a psychology-based approach to hiring, onboarding & communicating.


Surround yourself with the professionals that can help you scale your business.


Build a sustainable business that is
aligned with your vision.

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A southern gal with a potty mouth, unafraid to admit when I don't know something, with a no-holds-barred approach to always finding a way to make things happen.💡

Being raised in a small town in Tennessee with an undercover drug detective as a father and a God-fearing woman as a momma, I was sheltered.  I was unaware that there was this world of successful entrepreneurs who start their own businesses, who have control of their days 📆, and who make a lot of money doing it.  

And now, I’m that person.  I’m proud to be this short, little, blonde girl who has taken a hobby and turned it into an award-winning 8-figure business where now I can dedicate my time and energy to helping you do the same. 🏆

I’ve created a life where I am in control of my time, energy, clients, and business.  But it wasn’t always that way…

There was a series of life events that have shaped the way I approach running a business that has allowed me to thrive among the most challenging circumstances.  And these life events could happen to anyone.

I’ve had a computer crash and lost all my files. 🖥

I’ve had my planner stolen from my car when it was broken into. 📝

You name it, I’ve had it happen. 🔥

And in 2010, I experienced the Nashville Flood that crippled local businesses for years to come.  That’s when I realized, I am different.  My business didn’t cripple from that flood 🌊 because by then, I had already adjusted the way I used technology to run my business paperless.  My business actually started to soar because so many creative business owners just experienced what I went through much earlier in my career - the loss of everything.  Of every file, document, paper, and process that they were using to run their business. 

It was devastating. 😢

But, for as long as I could remember, I have been a glass-half 🍷 full type of person.   I believe that everything happens FOR people, not to them.  There is always a silver lining in my world.

These experiences combined with my fascination with people and their stories has allowed me to learn the communication tools 🛠 necessary to have a positive impact in this world and to help others do the same.  

My passions vary from creating innovative designs to impressive dance 💃 choreography to studying psychology and traveling the world 🌎.  Although they may seem all over the board, the through-line has been risk.

I’m a risk-taker.

In 2009, I quit my lucrative 9-5 job in healthcare, signed an NDA, and lived on the road with a 🎤 country music star without telling anyone where I was going, who I was going with, and what I was doing.  You would think this would bring chaos to my life but it did the opposite - it brought me focus.

I went from being a non-stop working overachiever in a morgue and mental hospital to building a global luxury event and wedding empire, to reinventing myself as the go-to productivity consultant who speaks worldwide, hosts a podcast, has authored several books, and developed online courses. 🤯

I am proof that rules are meant to be broken and that it is never too late to pivot.

I don’t take a gunslinger approach.  I am strategic in everything I do in order to thrive in today’s world.  It is critical to have the right team, processes, and technology to make a strong profitable shift in your business.  

What do you want to be known for?

Yes, I’m asking you this! 🙄

I’ll share with you what I want… 

I want to help people get shit done, to get their time back, live presently, and leave a legacy. 👉 I am here to serve you.  

From my free content on YouTube 🎬, to behind-the-scenes insights on my Instagram, to strategies shared on my podcast 🎙, I’m in this to make your life and your business better.

I do this by running my own business.  I have spent a decade investing in myself and there’s one huge truth that I’m just gonna get out of the way - Free doesn’t work.  Tying a dollar amount to something drives people to follow through. 💰

I also run my business from home or sometimes an ✈️ airplane.  My commitment to you is to ensure that you have the tools to GSD.  

Also, can we make a deal? 🤝

I won’t expect perfection from you.  Please don’t expect it from me.  

I misspell words constantly, misuse grammar, and mix up phrases.  

Even with those flaws, I know one thing I do damn well...provide value.  I overshare, I don’t hold back, and I keep it real, honest, and raw. 😵

I know that if I can do it, so can you.  I didn’t get a leg up.  I simply surrounded myself with the right people who made a difference in my life ❤️.  I trusted those who knew better and became committed to learning, growing and evolving.  

There is zero room for defensiveness and ego for someone who wants to grow 📈 their business.

Oh, yea...Don’t think I typed this.  I voice dictate everything. 👏 

So if you are reading this far, bless you!  Let me show you a shortcut on your Apple computer on how to get it to read to you so you can work on getting shit done!  😆

If you got to this point and still like what you’re hearing, let’s stay connected.  

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I wanted to give you a quick update!  I am in SUCH better shape with my business since implementing so many of your systems/ tips/ apps/ Mac training and I have seen an enormous improvement.  My other big news is that I hired one of my girls on full time. 

It has been about a month and it has been terrific.  Last week I came home at 8 PM after a client meeting and I did not feel the need to open my computer and get back to work. 

It was an amazing feeling and I honestly have no idea when the last time I felt that way was; maybe a year ago, maybe more. We have increased rates and value, streamlined the process and I have actually been able to begin to expand to another market.  



Angela Proffitt is an award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur and CEO of GSD Creative.  She is no stranger to the spotlight and is currently the host of the Business Unveiled podcast.  As a consultant with several books as well as an in-demand speaker, Angela has appeared on ABC, CMT, TLC, E! as well as other national networks.  With a degree in psychology and proven expertise in productivity strategies that scale your business, her work has been featured in publications such as INC, Success, US Weekly & People magazine.  When she is not speaking, writing, or creating content, Angela can be found working with other CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs and/or Solopreneurs to implement and master processes that can turn any business, into a profitable business.