Entrepreneurs Must Have Apps

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*Over the past few years, many have shown up, shared their hopes, their dreams and their fears in starting, owning and managing their own business and time.  

*Thank you for being here. I’m so humbled to be part of your journey to becoming paperless, productive and profitable. From one friend to another, it is my hope that you take away much more than just a “how to” of sorts.  

*From setting up your personal devices, maneuvering through your system specific preferences to downloading the BEST applications around. Here’s a promise, you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed at first. You’ll think: “what have I gotten myself into, how is this going to help me and why is Angela Profftt so excited about these apps?”

*I get it. Change is different, but not impossible. You’re talented, brilliant, creative and wherever you are in your journey, I am incredibly glad that you invited me to be part of it. Let’s Get Tech Savvy and rock the productivity world!