Yes, I am READY To GSD for 2020! Let's Go To The Beach and GSD:) 

Not Sure You Can Afford This Opportunity? 

Think of it this way. You are investing in yourself and your business. How much is your time worth? How quickly can you make this money back?  

This is 5 days of organized networking, 3 FULL days of pricesless education from two GSD leaders, all of your snacks, food, and drinks AND bedroom*. Leave with a FULL content plan for 2020 that you and your team can execute.  

Where can you go these days and get all of this for under $1K a day? Our strategy day rate is $3K alone. That is SAVINGS over $10K (the people, bedroom, food, drink is just gravy at this point!).  

What are you going to do differntly in 2020 to Level Up and plan ahead to GSD!? Oh, and if you split the cost with a friend, co-worker, partner, etc. the cost is $2,449.50.  

*This investment does NOT include flight.

You Can't Afford To Waste Time-It's Precious! Click YES above and Let's GSD Together!