The Profit System


  • Psychology (Personality + Communication). In order to turn more leads into customers, you have to understand the path taken by visitors to your website and why they are staying on. I’ll break down the pyschology, and show you a way you can strengthen each of them with your communcatn. 
  • Process (Education + Guidance). Your #1 business asset in digital marketing is your phone, so why not have a process that helps you educate and guide potential clients? Do you know how to use it the right way to build your audience on the go? You can instantly boost your business with that little device. I will pull back the drape to show my favorite ways to stay in front of your audience. 
  • Experience (Business + Back up). Getting them in the door for an appoitment is just the beginning. I will give you a template so you know how to close the client by laying out an experiece that will be totally irrisistable Sharing experience is very powerful; you know that saying, knowledge is power?
  • Ongoing Support; Think of Your Guide on the Side. After your complete the training, you will qualify for The Inner Cirlce where you can ask any questions in the private Facebook group and get personal experience from me as well as other members. Guiding you on putting these practices in to place to CRUSH The Profit System!



By the end of this training you will have the tools you need to better communicate with potential clients, have a process nailed down to win over the clients, and know how to market to the client you want to work with! Remember, this is not about giving you information! It’s all about implementation and getting you RESULTS Fast. 


Are you planning 100 or more events a year (I know you're tired...I'm tired of just thinking about that again?) If you're doing this, then The Profit System is for you!  

I remember planning over 250 events one year. And if you're wondering how I did this well...I'm not even sure myself. Somewhere along the road between caffeine and adreneline, I planned, designed and executed some amazing events.  

However, I was exhausted, I didn't make any money and I didn't know my self worth. It was not until I literally worked myself to nothing, that I thought, there has to be a better way!  

So as any great event professional would do, I planned, I prepared, I executed better business processes and continued to perfect a system that I have used for over 16 years in my business.  

I've spent thousands of hours and dollars perfecting this system. I'm sharing it with you because I know how difficult it can be landing your ideal client, getting paid for your creative ideas, knowing your self worth and ACTUALLY getting paid for all of it!  

If you are saying to yourself right now "yes, Angela you're right or yes I am TIRED of not getting paid what I'm worth, OR I am sick of people asking me to get them discounts," friend this is 100% for you!  

I've been in your shoes. I feel like it was just yesterday that my momma asked me to plan an event for our church. I get it.  

Ready to get started? If you already know you want to get this and jump right to ordering options, click on the button below. An urgent message for anyone who got “fired up” and “opportunity eyes” were opened up during my webinar training.  

When I sat down to deliver this class, I was excited.  

• I was excited because I would be sharing the EXACT secrets that I've used over and over again... for my business and to help other people who serve the wedding &&events industry, who want to generate a profit and get paid what they're worth.  

• Excited because I knew that the kind of people who would be ordering are those willing to go "above and beyond" to be successful…people who can tell the difference between mere fluff and proven "get me real results" information.  

• And was excited because I've helped thousands of wedding pro entrepreneurs in all kinds of business niches - planners, designers, floral, catering, photographer, videographer, dress designers, speakers, coaches, consultants and on and on - use these exact strategies to make huge profits from their own businesses. I'm hoping that YOU will decide to be next.  

If you've been attracting plenty of leads, but not closing the right ones, take my 3 step system and compeltely re-define how you meet with your clients and how you're communicating with them for the best experience possible. 

Fortunately, there's one marketing trick you might not even know you have up your sleeve: the power of PSYCHOLOGY. As a wedding pro, you're in the perfect spot to build a brand based on this principle (and use it to make a living doing what you love best).  

The system is designed to help you stand out even in the most crowded creative niche. Read on and check out the information for a look at what you will quickly learn.  

YES! Let's Do This!


Part 1: Video: Communication Method To Live By Template: Word Cluster Sort Part 2: Video: Personality: How to Pre-qualify Clients Template: Excel Info Sheet (ready to use)  

Part 3: Video: How to use a Website Form Template: Website Form  

You think that you can't do what you love and make a living? Well, I'm here to show you that you CAN do this. No matter where you are in the world, or what your product is in the event and wedding space, as long as you follow these tactics, it will change your mindset on how to land the perfect client and communicate your value to ensure you make a profit. 

Part 1: Video: Selling With Pictures How to organize, name and share  

Part 2: Video: Selling with Video How to capture audio, record a timelapse Template: Annual Promo Outline Template Part 3: Video: How to Communicate Your Contract Using Online Contracts Communicating the 4 Step Process  

By the end of this Module you will have a process that your prospects are virtually powerless to resist. Your confidence to communicate what you can do for them to bring their dreams to life will create an iron-clad link between what you’re offering and the core, most powerful and compelling needs, wants and desires of your potential clients including their wants and desires for their wedding or event.  

Part 1: Video: Tracking Your Time is a MUST Color Coding your Calendar & APPS Part 2: Video: Why You Want To Use Google Drive Back up, Saving, Sharing, Syncing phone Template: Timeline Bible Template Part 3: Video: Using Dropbox for a Safety Clutch The difference-Google Drive and Dropbox Folders, Naming, Sharing  

In completing this Module you will know exactly how to manage, share and track your time on your calendar, ensuring they are syncing and begin to pave a road for your future of becoming more organized. You will have ready to use templates and know how to use them to customize the message based on how your client needs to hear it. 


 BONUS 1: Template Contract (Includes breaking apart products + communicating a payment outline that isn't seasonal)  

BONUS 2: Template Timeline (Includes an overview for VIPS and vendors to hold each person accountable-ready to use)  

BONUS 3: Template Excel (Includes Info tab, Budget outline, 12 month check list, seating template, designer tab)

BONUS 4: The first 20 people that purchase and pay in full will receive your very own secret sauce Pinterest video. By doing this, you'll save some money too! I'm thinking several event chairs, drapes, lights, and team lunches at Chick-Fil-A (my team members are obsessed) worth. Some call it psychic, others call it well...we won't go there, but there's a reason why I ALWAYS know what my clients want, and you can too! This bonus video will walk you through Pinterest by knowing exactly how to find patterns in what your clients are wanting!

"So lets get straight to the point here! Your time is your most precious asset. No amount of money can buy back YOUR time"


Yes, Angela, I want enroll in your PROFIT SYSTEM training program where I will learn how to do Half the Events, Double my Profits, AND Finally Get Paid What I am Worth? I understand my investment is RISK-FREE, backed up by a 30 day back guarantee, if I prove to have completed the Modules and am not getting any results.  

I understand the Profit System is delivered via videos and downloads, online in my members area, that is confidential to me. There are 13 videos and downloadable templates that go with the videos as referenced above.  

The investment in this training will soon be selling for $4,999 (which is a STEAL) but because I am enrolling now, I save $3,000 and can get everything for $1,999 with payment options of one, three or six payment system. 

Also, if I’m one of the first 20 people to enroll, and pay in full, I will also receive a video explaining how to use Pinterest as a Psychology tool to know what my client needs are before meeting them. On that basis, please enroll me in this one of kind program now!!!  

Normal Price $4999  

Your Price Today ONLY $1999  


1 payment of $1999  

3 payments of $667 

6 payments of $337 

YES! Let's Do This!

I guarantee that when you use the specific and unique system, I teach... the way I teach it…with the tools I provide... you'll land clients you love working with, who will pay you what you're worth, like never before… and it can happen in as little as 45 days." Get started NOW! What is ONE client worth to you? I am SO excited for you, because I KNOW you can do this if I can too!!

"Angela, It was so very hard to hear the realities of what was going on with my company. And I think ultimately I was embarrassed, ashamed and quite frankly I felt stupid. I'm a smart person and I feel like I should have known a lot of the things you were saying to me. And while it was very difficult to hear many of the realities of the business, I have to admit that there is somewhat of a burden that has been lifted from my shoulders and my mind. In my gut, I knew that I was on the wrong track, but I didn't know how to fix it, how to acknowledge it, a whole flurry of emotions. You just validated the feelings I had, and even made it ok for me to be able to say "no." You have no idea how liberating and light it makes me feel to hear its ok to do that. Especially since I work my ass off to service those accounts...but for what?! Yeah, you answered that really well. And I think it was important for not only myself to hear but my cheerleader(s) too. And while I trusted them, I don't think their information and advice was necessarily right for me. I just think it was a lack of knowledge about our own industry and lack of a big picture. You were able to re-frame the way I think and view these projects. THANK YOU! -Heather"  

"Dear Angela! I want to thank you SOOOO much for taking time out to share your process with me. It was definitely an eye-opener and very beneficial to me and my company! I have begun to implement a lot of changes to my business; tracking my time by client to get a better gauge on charging, recreating my contract to include boundaries, which I am still trying to make things a bit more crystal clear, working to change my mindset on how to implement the schedule everything, working on my website to better qualify clients. Thank you-Tara"  

"Angela, By implementing your system I completely restructured my company. I was able to save a ton on production cost just by knowing how to communicate with my crew. I cut my costs by 30% which was coming out of my pocket (when I had to redo a film because I didn’t know what the client wanted); I cut my editing time in half by using your communication and technology process; I chopped my hiring cost because I was able to retain the same crew. Oh and by the way this totaled about $3000 a month. Thank you SO much-Zane"

Normal Price $4999 Your Price Today ONLY $1999  


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