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Crushing Content Strategy

LIVE in Nashville, TN OR Zoom From anywhere in the world September 10, 2019 . 9am-5pm CST

  • This strategy class will send you home with the RIGHT strategy and know-how plan in hand to connect with Your Audience  
  • Create Compelling Content, and FINALLY see the ROI.  
  • You will leave being armed with the newest tools to communicate your value to your target audience worldwide. TOPICS: Marketing Goals, Implementation, Content Strategy, Social Media Focus, Communication Plan, Work Flow Process, Automation, Sales Funnels, Video Messaging.  

Train Your Right Hand

LIVE in Nashville, TN OR Zoom From anywhere in the world October 3, 2019 . 9am-5pm CST

*Ready to grow your business? With the right person? Train the RIGHT Person! *Are you frustrated running your business? Doing it all yourself? TRUST ME! *You can train your right hand who can help your company grow! *I know it's hard to trust others; trust me, I have been there! Not sure where to start? I will guide you through it all!  

Let's Get Tech Savvy

LIVE in Nashville, TN OR Zoom From anywhere in the world November 7, 2019 . 9am-5pm CST 

*Want to Boost Your Productivity, Save Time and Automate a part of your life? This workshop is for you! *You will leave this class knowing how to use all the productivity apps, integrations, and automations *We use Apple products to demonstrate how to be more productive in business. Bring all of your electroic devices to ensure they are syncing properly-this is the top frustration that we help with! TOPICS: How to 10X Your Productivity, Create More Time In The Day, Increase Your Sales, BackUp and Syncing Devices, iCal, Dropbox and so much more!

Communication Mastery

LIVE in Nashville, TN OR Zoom From anywhere in the world January 14, 2020 . 9am-12pm CST 

*Want to master communication with your team and clients? *Learn how to best communicate with your team and clients; customize the way they need to hear it! And learn how others percieve you as a leader. *Each color represents a different personality type, and all four lay the foundation of True Colors’ fun and insightful personality-identification system that you'll learn. TOPICS: This training has proven invaluable to my company and others that I have taught.  

**It is recommed that each person attending get a book with the cards. These can only be purchased through your certified faciliator. 

About Your Expert

You are invited to join Productivity Expert, Angela Proffitt as she shares her exact strategies that have been used in her companies to build a strong and solid community of clients-imagine your perfect target market! Angela Proffitt is a Celebrity Wedding & Event Planner/Designer, Entrepreneur & Productivity Consultant with nearly two decades of experience. As the industry's leading creative disruptor, she has become a trusted resource because of her commitment to exceeding the expectations of her clients and her passion for educating professionals with her books, online classes, live events, and consulting.  

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